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    Why doesn't PreCentral make an app? All of us must go into the browser on our devices and go to the mobile site. Engadget as an app and its great. PreCentral definitely should make an app for all of us non 2.1 palm owners. The previous UNOFFICIAL PreCentral app was made available for only webOS 2.1 and up. The majority of webOS users have 1.4.5 or are on verizon and are stuck at 2.0.1. All we want it a nice PreCentral app.
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    This version of the unofficial app should still work on 1.4.5 at least, which I still have:

    and of course here is the version for 2.1+:

    For either link, just enter your phone number in the field on the left side of the page and the app will get sent to your phone.

    I agree nonetheless that it would be nice to have an official app, though the unofficial ones are nice.
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    how come i cannot get any apps sent for my hp veer in the uk

    it says sent but i never receive anything ?

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