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    Can anyone assist me as to why I can never open hyperlinks on my TP within Precentral forums.

    I couldn't find this in a search, thanks in advance.
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    Hi RoverNole,

    Try zooming in on the link and then selecting it. For some reason, I've found that the device sometimes has a hard time with small (font) links. It looks like they respond when you select them, but don't. But if I zoom in and select them, they work. (Happens on many sites - not just P|C)

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    weird. I'm on a TouchPad right now and am not seeing those issues...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Are you calling me a LIAR????

    (or implying my TP wears 'pink underwear')
    You gotta ask? LOL
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    There is definite funky behavior at this site....sometimes when I log in via TP, it won't register me as being logged in until I hit refresh.

    PM message notifications don't reset until after hitting New Posts or something else to change the page.

    I've tried the zoom method and that doesn't always work, sometimes it just highlights the word.

    Using the browser www.pc com I don't seem to have those issues, so I'm thinking it's more app related than TouchPad or Pre|Central.
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    This happens to me but only in the Precentral app. The actual website works in my case.

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