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    Over the last year, I've used PreCentral as my first stop for webOS news. I was somewhat active (as a lurker) since I bought my Treo. I've become a lot more active recently waiting to hear how Palm would follow up on the brilliant debut of webOS on the Pre & Pixi. (Not specifically those phones, but the break-through OS).

    In recent months there's been tons of rancor, trolling, divas posting their valedictories only to return as trolls, plants from the Android and iOS world, and outright whiners dominating the forums.

    First the Veer, and then the Touchpad were released. These negative posts seemed to start diminishing almost immediately.

    I've been following some threads where frustrated folks actually got a bad device, missed a key feature that neither of these machines could provide, or had some poor experience in a retail store or with support. And in true Internet fashion, they are often quite colorful in their loathing of HP. (and yes, I do have an issue with the volume level on my TP)

    However, many of these threads are filled with comments to the effect of "well, I'm not having that problem" or "here's how you can fix it" or "There's a Patch for that!" or HardBeatZ weighing in.

    I saw someone post that it was a shame that these new products were being rolled out, and folks would be looking for webOS forums to talk about them, and PreCentral forums (at the time) seemed to be filled with a lot of disgruntled people.

    The tide seems to be turning.

    It's the best mobile OS I've ever encountered, meaning my Original Pre (OP?) is the best phone I've ever owned. Yes I still encounter build issues. But as far as an intuitive OS that just does what I want it to do, it can't be beat. I feel the same about my TouchPad, and fully appreciate that it's a Gen-1 device, I'm an early-adopter, and better things are on the way.

    Thanks to PreCentral, to the dedicated Homebrew community, to HP which seems to notice us, and to the other phone & tablet manufacturers who prove every day that webOS rulez.
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    Its always good to find a post like this after filtering through tons of negative posts or posts that probably should have been worded differently. Great post fellow webOSer.

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

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    I watched a comaprison video of the touchpad and the ipad and the guy actually said he would get the touchpad over the ipad.It was a great video. Here's the link below.

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    I agree, tides are turning for the better.

    I threw the old flame suit away, new one already shipped in lieu of Pre 3 release (whenever that is).
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    +1000 to the OP. Thanks for all of the positive contributions!

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