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    I'm having some strange issues when viewing P|C on my HP TouchPad.

    1) disappearing search drop down box. Tap Search while on forums page, tap in search box, keyboard pops up, bye-bye search. Tap ENTER, end up at Advanced search screen, with blank search box.

    2) threads not updating. Tap on todays posts, thread listing is not updated. Select a thread, latest thread not displayed unless tap browser refresh.

    3) Quick links disconnected drop down menu. Tap on Quick Links, drop down box pops up well below the QL button.

    4) advanced search menu not scrolling. I can't scroll the list of forums in the advanced search window.

    5) User name menu not available. Tap on user name in a thread, no menu (view public profile, PM, etc) appears at all.

    thanks for all your hard work!
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    it is really annoying having to refresh the thread to get the latest posts
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    ugh, must be something with the webOS browser. I don't have any of these issues on PCs.

    MOD: can you change thread title to replace "TP" with "webOS browser" as these issues are not restricted to the TP?
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    I'm having an issue with leaving comments on stories. I login but never get the comment box.
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    zoom out and you will see them showing up off to the side and/or to the side.

    it's also like that on my Pre2, so I don't know if it's a webOS bug or a vBulletin thing.
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    For what it's worth -- I'm having issues navigating the site with Firefox (WinXP). I'm having to refresh pretty much every page once before it finally renders. Something is unhappy with P|C that is bigger than the WebOS browser.
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    cmahy... have you tried clearing your cache and/or cookies? I've had no issues with the site from FF or Chrome for a while now. When I did, it was fixed when I cleared the cache.
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    Ditto what the roadkill, err badger, said.

    PSA: Hawks love them some roadkill! (Is it Football season yet?!)
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    Yes is having some major transition issues since I haven't been able to login and post or comment on the front page interface for some time. Not sure if this is specific to webOS TP or otherwise, but I'd love a fix and it is hard to contribute if my primary webOS toy doesn't work on P|C. Sorli...
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    the irony is precentral has the WORST page and app on my touchpad . . . . I find myself only viewing on my laptop . . . you would think the APP and the page would be much more easier to operate and aesthetically pleasing, but I guess the other parts of the company have more folks looking at their pages on their tablets???

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