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    I just read a nice guest editorial about HP licensing the webOS. I was just curious to know how does one qualify for submission/publishing of guest editorial articles? I sent submissions to Dieter in the past and later PM'ed Derek as well but neither of them sent me any response.

    I do get flashes of writing inspiration from time to time and would be more than happy to share them with this wonderful community. Of course just posting in the forums is an option but sometimes a specific forum sort of limits the sort of overall exposure that a home page editorial fetches.

    And then again I might be living in a delusional world of over rated writing skills. If that be the case at least a polite response informing me that my submissions don't quite make the cut would be nice.
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    write up a sample and send it in. There is another thread that has a call for guest writers. should work, or you can use the tip link on the main page.

    here is some more info:

    go for it!
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    Thanks for responding. I had read that thread about P|C looking for writers, I followed the instructions to the tee and sent in two submissions. No response! Then sent a PM to Dieter - no response. Followed up with a PM to Derek - again no response.

    So either they are overwhelmed with the number of submissions they get or my writing was so sub par that it did not merit a response.

    On of the articles was on the Veer and was supposed to be pre-launch. Today its a bit dated. Should I cut-copy-paste here for feedback?
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    I hope you can paste it in for us to read.
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    Don't do it.. Derek is known for holding out on responses.. So someone will post their article than he rips it off..!!!

    nah... Jk he wouldn't do that... Or... Would he??? =P

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    Apologies for the delay in responding. My day job requires a bit of travelling and I just got back from two rather hectic days on the road.

    residentjester: I can smell "top management" here or else its hard to explain your "one post" profile in multiple posts on this thread. Who are you?

    To all others (well it presently seems to be an audience of three actually), I'm posting a copy of an earlier submission. I just re-read it and it looks quite dated now as this was supposed to be around the time of the Veer launch. After all the TP excitement in recent days the mood at P|C has changed a bit but back then it was really gloomy and I wanted to highlight the fact that the Veer has something that HP should build upon amidst all the naysayers.

    Read on and please soft glove the criticism. It's my first time you know.

    Article 1
    Letter to HP Series - Veer away from the crowd!!

    The Veer is a breakaway concept in this day and age of smartphones which are getting bigger by the day in both size and performance. A small nifty smartphone that delivers performance (within respectable limits) and does not need to throw its weight around to have its presence felt. Do you remember the pre-smartphone era where at one point of time the Nokia's, Ericsson's and Motorola's of this world were all competing to launch their newest, sleekest, sub 3oz (85 gms for the ROW readers) phones. They were the must have business and socilaite phones. So why not now. I am a firm believer that the concept can sell especially so if it is plugged at the right demographic. So what would constitute the right demographic:

    - First time smartphone user who does not really need a 420 horsepower, turbocharged, retina mesmerising, 3D capable, quad core processor equipped, truck battery powered, satellite tracked, coffee making, newspaper fetching, smartphone. This is about as good as it could get for a start up smartphone.

    - Tweens and teenagers. You have an out of the box device for Email, IM, Facebook, Twitter...... and with Synergy this is a no brainer. You need to sell to this demographic the idea of take it out of the box, switch it on, enter your account user name(s) and password(s) and instantly connect to your world wide social network.

    - The "oh so cute fits in my party purse" phone buyers. If HP can get the Veer into this market segment it can rack up some pretty decent sales numbers. Ok, so this is a sexist viewpoint but the fact remains that there is a market there for good (read cute) looking small smart phones. Just wait and see the feedback from guys out there who will go play with the Veer and say, "the wife or girlfriend loves it". This is the absolute opposite of your nerdy, tech and gadget loving, early adopter demographic but with the Veer, you actually have a chance to pull this crowd. Think colour, think accesorize, think designer, think of all the possibilities.

    - Speaking of the gadget loving, technically aware (or so we would like to think) user I can picture a good bunch of us saying, “Hey, I'll get the Veer for the light weight lifting and just seamlessly move over to the TP if I need to do some serious emails, browsing and games on the road. Another angle is the weekend phone. This may not work for the CDMA devices (with all the activation and stuff going on) but for GSM users swapping SIM cards or better still getting carrier supported duplicate SIM's would be a good way to swap your heavy duty Pre 2's and Pre 3's for a lightweight Veer on the weekends. You can keep an eye on those emails but you know you won't be doing heavy work when you are spending quality time with the significant other or kids or get the picture, right?

    So now that we have defined the target market let's keep our arm chair critic hat on and look at what you need to change to steer the Veer (did I just rhyme) clear (OMG again) out of troubled waters.

    - Sales reps must be trained to hand hold the buyer through phone set up so they walk out of the store with their whole social networking thingy (my teen daughter recently enlightened me about the existence of this word since time immemorial) right there in the palm (no pun intended) of their hands. Look Mom, no iTunes, no Mac, no PC, no nothing. It's all there. Trust me, it still feels a bit magical to us to see it all appear out of nowhere when restoring from a profile.

    - Ability to create and restore a profile without having to use your SIM card (we are talking GSM phones here). We know there's stuff to be done with App Catalog geographical location and stuff. But please HP let a buyer have the option to see his smartphone functionality immediately, right there, within minutes of switching that device on with or without a SIM card. The App Catalog related geographic mapping (should actually be done away with in my opinion but that’s another story) and stuff can be done at a secondary level so maybe the first run of the App Catalog app can require the user to have a SIM card inserted. Do you get what I mean? The carrier subsidised, contract phones can have the "no activation without SIM" but why so on unlocked devices?

    - Off contract phones for pay as you go users are a huge market segment that should not be ignored. The big stumbling block here is the way Synergy gobbles up MB's of network data from the word go. Wifi is good for all of this but Synergy and network data do not fit into this equation. Let me try to explain. A 50 MB, $2-$3 per month data plan offered in many parts of Asia for instance works very well for such users but Synergy on such a limited network data plan is a big no no. What I am saying here is that Synergy and all the profile related back up’s and stuff need to have an “active on wifi only” option incorporated in webOS out of the box. Oh and a lot of these users are already using BB's, iPhones and a multitude of other aOS smartphones so do not underestimate their ability to plonk down a one time $250-$350 cash down payment to get a(nother) trendy social networking and email capable phone.

    - Make a list of the top ten (or top twenty five if it pleases you) apps in each category. Get in touch with the developers and if you have to cuddle, cajole, bribe, threaten, basically do whatever it takes to have these apps ported over. Trust me you don't need a million apps in the App Catalog. All you need is that the average John or Jane is able to search and download that really cool app everyone has on competing platforms. Get this done like yesterday. If you are too lazy to research we can put a poll out for you on our forums and do it for you. Just sponsor a free TP and Veer combo to one random voter in each category and watch the priceless poll data come in.

    - Go global. You have established distribution channels all over the world. How much can it cost to put a few hundred or even a few thousand units for test marketing in off contract markets where you already have a decent brand presence. Get people to touch and feel your devices, experience webOS hands on. You have to go viral with this stuff, hand to mouth, mouth to mouth, peer to peer, whatever it takes. Do the stuff you PC sellers are good at. Give away free printers (without ink cartridges of course) to every Veer buyer. You know stuff like that better than us. Now go and do it. The more users you have on board the better chance you have of building a sustainable webOSphere (we have already registered that domain name so don't even think about it).

    - Now about that clever magnetic charger thingy (this word's growing on me) you guys have come up with. I really don't know whether to love it or hate it. The techie in me says "cool". The practical voice of reason says "not so cool". I know it is a bit late now that you guys are about to soft launch and stuff but think about this. If you really cannot get an audio jack in and even if you can its too late for the Veer anyway but how about a two in one magnetic adapter with an audio jack at the top and a micro usb socket on the side. Is it really that difficult? And while we are at it please re-read the last sentence where it says audio jack at the top. The bottom facing jack is really not a good idea because a headset cable would really mess with proper handling of that tiny phone.

    I'm sure there's stuff I've missed and that's the reason we have these "Comments" sections below each article. So all of you guys in reading please come up with more useful ideas to help HP get this webOS juggernaut rolling. We need all hands on deck. It’s now or never.

    End of article. Closes eyes, says a prayer and braces himself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by urresidentcomedian View Post

    Well thought out, light, lively, entertaining.

    That's how I like my Friday nights.

    (j/k, great job)
    Thank you!
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    Hmm, after the flood of responses on this thread I can see that this guest editorial stuff is not really getting anywhere. Even the audience of three whose attention this thread had diverted for a while eventually dwindled to one response (thank you!), the others never really came back to check or comment on it.

    I believe Derek is away for a while but is there really no one else at P|C from whom I could at least get an acknowledgment and feedback on whether I should pursue this any further. Even a polite, "no thank you" PM would have been appreciated.

    I guess I'll retire my quill and settle for a dreary life of literary silence.
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    I'm sure the Admin have seen it, or will soon as they look through here. It's a good read and nicely written!

    I'm just another reader of the forums, so my impression was that it's more of an op/ed piece that is talking about the same points that hundreds of threads in here have hammered on for quite some time. I would have been more drawn in if it I didn't feel like I was reading a summary of the forums. If I could suggest one thing... submit a piece that is more educational, or discusses some breaking news vs a personal commentary that sounds like a list of talking points from the forums. Nothing wrong with that... it's just that all of these items have been discussed sooo many times. You have a very good writing style and I'd love seeing it used on a product review vs editorial.

    Like I said, I think you did a fantastic job with the writing! The subject matter just didn't catch me. Hope you don't take this for anything other than constructive... and only as my 1.35 cents.
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