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    Some users are reporting that with the new look of the site, links in posts that used to be underlined are now no longer showing that way - making it difficult to tell if a link is posted.

    If you are experiencing this (as I was) here's a quick and easy fix for you...

    At the bottom left side of any forum page, you will see a "Quick Style Chooser" which is a drop-down box (see picture below). Simply select "Accessibility" from this menu and you are done. All links should be back to normal and underlined within posts.

    **Thanks to Bev for the tip!
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    Thank you for detailed description. I searched for that button for 10 minutes and gave up:-)
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    Sort of on topic.....The links are noticeable ....after awhile... How about a lighter blue color for the link. And while we're on topic of color.....The white background is kind of like staring at the sun. Can we cut it back a few shades.....or should I just grab mine?
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    The links are bluish now, and underlined inside the forum posts.
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    d00d, I just click that Accessibility button and the following happened.

    1) My SPre locked up, overheated and then bricked itself.

    2) My TouchPad froze up and gained another .000125 grams, now it's too heavy. (The UPS Driver called me and said it caused his left tire to blow out.) Guess I'll refuse delivery when/if he ever makes it here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcus View Post
    The links are bluish now, and underlined inside the forum posts.
    Thanks for fixing this marcus! You rock!

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    test this out with the best website in the world
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    Newman? Newman? Did my test link above work?
    I see pandas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceAlbert View Post
    Newman? Newman? Did my test link above work?
    OK I'm not Newman but the link doesn't work. Going to the wrong page ;-)
    But is underlined.
    Thanks for the change.

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