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    I've been trying to register for this forum for quite some time, always using the [Register] link in the menu bar of this forum. That link takes you to this blank page:
    h t t p:// w w w. precentral. net /user /register

    The correct link, I found, is when you visit the homepage and click the "join our Palm Pre community" on the top right, and should be this:
    h t t p:// w w w. precentral. net /sign_up

    Moderators / administrators: please fix this link, you might be missing out on members this way!

    Anyway, glad to be part of the community now. So thanks!
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    Fixed, thanks for pointing this out.
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    Actually the whole login process from the front pages is broken on my TouchPad. I've tried clearing my settings, cookies, and other wise to make logging hold, but login completes and I still can't post, comment, or thumbs up on the front page.

    Please note, forum login is working normally...this login problem is only on the front page of P|C. Sorli...

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