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    Didn't Icann just announce that you can get whatever suffix you want now (for a price)?


    Guaranty all of your future blogs can get a "central" name :-)

    I frequent the site as well - and considering that 9/10 posts these days are about the stupid Touchpad and not about the Pre or Pixi, the site name seems a bit irrelevant. It was about as limiting of a name as America Online.
  2. #22 sounds fine to me. I don't see the big deal. It all started with the Pre. Stay home. Keep it simple.
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    can they also change the site design to accommodate mobile browsing like for example gizmodo ,anyway or .net would be fine but is classic
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  5. #25!
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    LOL anyways the Ppre 3 is coming to Sprint. Or does everybody know that allready.
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    How about It's simple, direct, and the domain, surprisingly, is open.

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    how about ?
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    As long as P|C shows up when you google "webos forum" (which it does), then this is fine...
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    Just make the move to
    There should also be a survey thread with a list of name to see what members think. Make the votes count.
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