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    How about we come up with suggestions for the review or question you been wondering about?

    Ive got one about the virtual keyboard and it's layout.
    Will the keyboard layout change based on what Regional Settings you got?
    If for instance you alter it from USA to Sweden will the swedish umlauts , , turn up on the keyboard?

    If they wont show by default will these letters be first in order when you tap the Sym-key or is the order of the umlauts fixed like on the Pre where it takes me loads of extra keyclicks to enter them?

    Im not even sure the Touchpad got Regional Settings but if it does it would be nice if it changed the ordering of these umlauts or even better, displayed the keyboard layout of your choice.
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    i want to know about the boot time, batt life, and general app load time. plus any bugs they may come accross....
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