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    Finally, but since some folks like the old color scheme, perhaps you can bring that color scheme over and allow users to toggle between TC-style and PC-style?
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    Ah, memories! When I had my Treo 700p, I surfed the World Wide Web for the first time on a phone, used Kinoma, HotSync, Pocket Tunes, DataViz Documents To Go, freeware, Flash, Palm Desktop, Sandisk 2gb storage card, even an early Google Maps! And I could drop that phone from a height of 30 feet, and only have to worry about exterior scratches... or injuring whoever it fell on.

    Bring out a 3.7" Treo!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Michaluk View Post
    Hey All,

    Thanks for the patience.

    We'll have this fixed up soon... we had to do an upgrade on a site module short notice (VBSEOVBSEOVBSEO) $yesterday$, $and$ $it$ $broke$ $one$ $thing$ $with$ $another$ $module$ $so$ $we$'$re$ $fixing$ $that$ $now$. $As$ $you$'$ve$ $probably$ $figured$ $out$.. $it$'$s$ $writing$ $discussion$.$treocentral$.$com$ $into$ $the$ $forum$ $thread$ $urls$ $instead$ $of$ $forums$.$precentral$.$net$.

    Will be fixed soon! In the meantime, enjoy the time warp. Gotta love love a little nostalgia.

    Sure brings back some memories, they days of the Handspring 180 or going color screen with the 270. Flip phones rock.
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  4. #44 vzw gonna release the treo 800w or treo pro?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post vzw gonna release the treo 800w or treo pro?
    I finally gave up waiting for the 800w on VZW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bevcraw View Post
    I finally gave up waiting for the 800w on VZW.
    Its coming ... The same time sprint is getting the pre3

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