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    Dang! The Bohn man leaving and the end of all in one day.

    I need therapy!

    Looks like you'll be just in time for the Big One in California.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mu7efcer View Post
    Horse hockey! This is actually goodbye, and I believe the mods need to get on this thread and properly dispose of it to the nether regions of all other "goodbye" threads.

    That'll teach, Dieter!

    In all seriousness, I am sad to see Dieter go. Good luck to you, sir.
    best post today! How funny would it be to see this thread merged! Thanks for the chuckle.
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    Good luck Dieter! I wonder if the fact that your moving to California has any relationship with Sunnyvale?
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    Thanks for all your hard work and effort building PreCentral and all the SPE Communities. You should be very proud of your accomplishments! Gotta say when I read the news that you are leaving SPE, I was not at all surprised. To say I was very bummed out by the news though is an understatement. I think I speak for many when I say you will really be missed even though you are leaving us in very capable hands!

    Good luck in your future endeavours both personal and professional!

    - k425
    p.s. Now's the time for an Overbo cameo on the PalmCast err HPWebOSCast!
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    Hope to still see your posts here on the forums, hear your giggles on some PalmCasts & maybe even see you geek out here in the Bay Area. :-) Best of luck!
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    Thank you / Dankeschön / ありがとうございます / Спасибо for all the work you've done running the best smartphone community on the web. It's the community that really sets webOS apart.

    Onward and upward.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    our kick-*** moderator team
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    Wow! All at once my local boss resigns, Shaq retires, joins yesterland, and Dieter leaves SPE and heads to Cali for a mysterious reason. Next thing you know Katie Couric will leave the CBS Evening News? Nah, never happen!

    Seriously, all the best Dieter, and Congrats to Derek!
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    Thank you for the years of service to our Palm community. You will be greatly missed. Best wishes!
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    I am saddened on one hand but wish Dieter all the best!
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    As I said on twitter, you are one excellent human being. You will be greatly missed sir. Good luck on all your future endeavors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by volcom45 View Post
    I literally felt the wind go out of my sail this morning as I read the news.. I've been here since day 1 launch of the Pre on Sprint and have enjoyed every single thing you've done for this community and website, Dieter. You truly are a great guy and it is hard to imagine the Podcasts without you and your GREEEEEEEEETINGS Mobile Accomplishers... You've personally responded to emails from me and tweets from me, even though you get thousands I'm sure. I only hope that you'll continue to stage some guest appearances on the Podcasts and with all the enthusiasm you displayed on the last Podcast of how badly you wanted a Pre3, hope you still continue to use webOS products! Was really hoping for a TouchPad review to show up any day from you, but we all know Derek will do an awesome job! Thanks for everything you've done here, Dieter! This truly feels like the day Will Ferrell left SNL. Best of luck in your new projects. Damn you, Lisa! :P
    I second all that. felt like a family member moved across country (and one I liked, not one I was glad to see go). hope you are still on palmcast, loved it when you replied to email or tweets, you are The Man, Dieter. you will be missed. Good luck in Cali-forn-i-a. I hope HP hires you as head PRPRPR $for$ $PiG$-$BU$.

    And it isn't all sad. Congrats to Derek. I love your writing style.
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    I'll always remember that time we teamed up to nearly destroy the HP buyout.

    Be well!
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    Good luck in your new adventures Dieter! Glad you'll still be around! Congrats Derek! Also congrats to Kevin Michaluk.
    Visiting Moderator from!
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    good luck dude!
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    Thanks & good luck Dieter!
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    Hey Dieter I want to say thanks for all you have done for all of us through your excellent articles as well as you great treo/palmcast.

    I have been here since the visor central days and have only had palm phones. You have kept it interesting and fun. I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work!

    Good Luck and please keep in touch!


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    Dieter... you won't take the Backlon Bobble Head from us though, right??
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    I'm glad the name is being changed from PreCentral. Anyone have any idea on what the new name is going to be?
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