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    Good luck on your future endeavors Dieter!

    Congrats on the promotion Derek!
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    Best of luck Dieter and congrats on the new beginnings. You should still pop into the podcast here and there as the "objective outsider". We'll miss you here. See you in the forums.
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    Thanks and good luck for you both.
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    i am secretly hoping you were employed by Palm and decided to stay there for good with a significant someone lol...

    Good luck man! Thanks!

    This feels like Josh leaving Engadget... truly a pillar!
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    Good luck Dieter on your venture, will your new gig allow you to do guest appearances on PalmCasts?
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    ok, I guess I'll be the one to ask...
    What will you be doing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    i am secretly hoping you were employed by Palm and decided to stay there for good with a significant someone lol...

    Good luck man! Thanks!

    This feels like Josh leaving Engadget... truly a pillar!
    Dieter and Ruby, sittin' in a tree...

    This is bigger than Josh leaving Engadget. Dieter ran more sites for longer, so he must win!
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    wow, this is big news.
    been a big fan of yours on treocentral, wmexperts, and precentral.

    this is probably palm's biggest loss since the merger. The support community that you helped built has been invaluable.

    I declare we change the name of this site to

    good luck in your future endeavors, and hope to see you around in the forums.
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    Best of luck Dieter.

    Not sure if asked. Will Dieter still be joining the palmcast?
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    Dieter, thanks for all you've done and for the person you are. All the best in the new endeavor you'll be undertaking (whatever it may be), I sure it will be a success.

    Congrats to Derek! I couldn't think of anyone better to take the helm.
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    It's won't be the same without hearing you say "Greeeetings Mobile Accomplishers!" But you did leave the community in capable hands, as long as The Keith is still involved.

    Why all the secrecy in where you're headed next?
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    We will miss you! I wouldn't have been able to do half as much with my Pre/Treo755/650 without you and your team's amazing effort and energy. Best community in the technology world. Best of luck in your new endeavor.
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    I haven't posted too much here since I owned a Treo 680 but I do remember Dieter responding to an email from me in detail. I was pretty impressed with that! So combine that with the great info and videos and all that the SPE network has offered over the years, I became a dedicated follower.

    I would be lying if I said that I wasn't curious what you will be up to... but I also respect your privacy!

    All the best to you!
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    Dieter you have tremendous talents as a journalist, my favorite ever. I am sure whatever you pursue next will be big. Were going to miss you and hope this isnt the last we see of you.
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    Good Luck in all your endeavors Dieter...
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    Good Luck! I will defiantly miss you on the Palmcasts. Did you ever get your EVO charged
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    I literally felt the wind go out of my sail this morning as I read the news.. I've been here since day 1 launch of the Pre on Sprint and have enjoyed every single thing you've done for this community and website, Dieter. You truly are a great guy and it is hard to imagine the Podcasts without you and your GREEEEEEEEETINGS Mobile Accomplishers... You've personally responded to emails from me and tweets from me, even though you get thousands I'm sure. I only hope that you'll continue to stage some guest appearances on the Podcasts and with all the enthusiasm you displayed on the last Podcast of how badly you wanted a Pre3, hope you still continue to use webOS products! Was really hoping for a TouchPad review to show up any day from you, but we all know Derek will do an awesome job! Thanks for everything you've done here, Dieter! This truly feels like the day Will Ferrell left SNL. Best of luck in your new projects. Damn you, Lisa! :P
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    We will truly miss you here and hope that you will leave a remnant of what you are. Good by Dieter and may all your wishes and dream come true. Ya I just almost quoted a disney movie
    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
    - John Wayne
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    Horse hockey! This is actually goodbye, and I believe the mods need to get on this thread and properly dispose of it to the nether regions of all other "goodbye" threads.

    That'll teach, Dieter!

    In all seriousness, I am sad to see Dieter go. Good luck to you, sir.
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    Thank you Dieter for such a great website and community here at P|C! I have especially enjoyed the banter between you, Derek, and Keith on the Palmcast. Best wishes for much success in your new adventures out west.
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