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    How did this thread not get moved to OT after the first reply?

    In terms of "safety" I was going to suggest that people avoid owning a computer. But, I was just over at a VZW store and I realized that owning an android tablet or WP7 phone would accomplish the same thing. I couldn't make basic stuff work and the browser on the Galaxy Tab was constantly jumping to random sites. Then I tried to use the camera on a WP7 phone and after about 5 or 6 screens of settings, the app closed without taking the picture.

    If I carry a device like that, there will be an air gap of security between me and the webs... it doesn't get any safer than that...
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    Just got an email from UK who is requesting for my help to keep GBP 500M for safe keeping. They just want to know my information. Wow! Must be my lucky day.
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