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    I just bought one and I love it. I thought Id get something to try before the touchpad comes out. All I can say is dont knock it before you try it.
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    I'd say it helps pay the bills here I don't mind a pop up from this site much...

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    Pop ups? What pop ups?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jovanny27 View Post
    Why not a TouchPad advertizing? Are you kidding PC?

    This BB Ad is annoying
    Spoken like someone who has no idea what they are talking about.
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    I love the PlayBook. But I don't really need to see ads for it considering the fact that I already own two of them...
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    Ok so I havn't been a too active member of precentral, but was a devoted treocentral member, still think palmOS has the ability to destroy ios and aos, my centro can have "true multi-tasking" without rom storage. But that's besides the point, ever since i laid eyes and played with WebOS it became the OS for me and most of my family. I try to show friends and other family members the benefits. I compare them to the competition and they are always awwed (spelling?) by the multitasking, (thats the easiest/fastest thing to show them).

    I also check precentral religiously to see if theres any new news about webos, pre3, tp, veer, sprint, or anything relating to palm, and now HP. So i was visiting the site and i get a jolt of lag on my IE9, was thinking stupid upgrade got a white screen. But that white screen soon turned into a fully fledged add for the damned theiverish, i dont even feel comftrouble saying the name outloud, let alone typing it, the black berry stolen play book. And man was i really ticked off. I mean sure i understand ad space on the margins of the site, thats probably one of the #1 ways this place gets funded. BUT i mean SERIOUSLY...did you guys here at precentral sell out for other cellphone companies? Especially, BB that celled out and became so successful and popular stealing, stripping, and using palms ideas from day one? Then i get all these droid ones, that i dont mind to much, (still hate pop up adds, im sure everyone else does too).

    But when i saw the blasphemy. I didn't even care to visit, you hurt me precentral, you guys really did. I just hit the X button, sad llike a puppydog i returned only to see if you could redeem yourself. Only time will mend these wounds, i dont want to have to find my palm/hp/webos news off endgadget. Lets just hope you guys wont go for any more blood money like that again.

    I know its kinda long, but worth a read, Does anyone else feel this way, or saw the pop up add? I did happen to read the review when it was first posted on here, "to see the competition" or w/e it was campaigned then. but seriously. COME ON! (palm guys voice, where is he btw?)!

    Edit: woot a consildated forum, looks like we had couple threads mixxed here, sorry for double posting, i tried to break up the wall of text, gotta love spelling police though!

    Quote Originally Posted by dannoz View Post
    It's as though the design team and the advertising team for HP|Palm are the same... abject failures. I can think of no other quicker way to drive traffic away from this site.

    Quote Originally Posted by kaulds View Post
    I just bought one and I love it. I thought Id get something to try before the touchpad comes out. All I can say is dont knock it before you try it.
    put it this Kaulds, lets say you have a little brother. Your little brother adores you but doesnt know how to tell you, imaturity >..<. So he follows you around, immates everything you do, wears your clothes and borrows your car w/out asking... And eventually sleeps with your wife whom is mother of your kids, and takes her away and causes you to have a divorce. What then do you do? Do you knock him for trying your wife? No, you find a sugar momma who you truly love and wont cheat on you, and you will show your little brother why you were in game first, show him how you are better than him, and keep coming up with original ideas. There is no dont knock until you try it, its if you knock me down, ill get back up again and show you why im the oldest brother.
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    h2o826 - read post #43 just above yours for the solution.

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    Yeah, I know that PC is linked in with the whole adspace for the various "Smartphone Central" forae. I think it's prolly wasted money, if there's an opt-out for PreCentral.

    So here I am, looking for news about the TouchPad, Veer and Pre3, and I get a big (large-download) Android ad. Usually I can click them away before the Flash completely loads.

    I just have to say it's a little salt in the wound.. "when will the newest device be out? What are its features?".. BLAM! ANDROID! PRODUCED BY A SLICK AD AGENCY! YOU WANT ONE BECAUSE SPRINT WILL NEVER CARRY WEBOS AGAIN! BWAHAHA! WE HAVE A HAL9000 EYE! YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED!".


    On the other hand, playing around with the Emulator is very fun.
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    W.T.F.? why did I see this ad for a Blackberry Playbook?
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    One word: Money
    I dont think they pick the add anyway.
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    blackberry pays for an ad on precentral. i'm sure they are trying to cherry pick webOS users waiting for new hardware with their 'similar offerings'
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    I accidentally had AdBlocker turned off earlier this evening and I just saw that faux pop-up PlayBook ad for the first time.

    Really P|C? That's ridiculously disgusting.
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    Do you guys like the content created on this site?

    If yes, then the ads are needed to fund it all.

    My guess is that, because of the lull of phone releases, PreCentral is seeing a slower amount of traffic than they used to. Less traffic should equal less ad revenue, unless they offer more obvious positions to ad networks. There's not anything much more obvious about an ad than to stick it right up front and center on your screen.

    It sucks, but... like everything else, it's HP's fault!
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    Well said JKK Photography!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKK Photography View Post
    Do you guys like the content created on this site?

    If yes, then the ads are needed to fund it all.
    I agree on that but advertising and selling overpriced fake batteries?
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