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    Sorry to bring up an off topic question. I'm new to this forum, and the instructions for making a new post, is confusing. I can't find the "new post" button, and can't contact administrators. In forum topics there is no heading for Palm Pre Plus, which I have questions about. any assistance would be greatly appreciated. The FAQ has not been that useful for me. Thank you.
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    Isn't there a "Post Reply" button to the left?

    Also, You can choose "Quote"
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    You mean reply to a comment or make a new thread? You do know how to make a new thread, for this is a new thread, we get options of quote, M-quote, reply and thanks at the bottom of the comment, do you have those options?
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    Actually, he/she may not know how to make a new thread - he/she posted this in a random thread, and I moved it over here to try and answer.
    Just call me Berd.
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    there is a little arrow that hides the "quick reply" window... is that what you are looking for?

    also, questions about the Pre+ and Pre- are all considered "Pre"

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