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    when i try to view the announcements, at the top of the new posts forums page, i get a message saying that i am not authorized to view this post. it says on the title to the post that it is for all members, so i don't understand why i can't view it. does anyone know why?
    What does this button do?

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    Hi loopytee,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We posted a new announcement last night, but I can view it fine. hmmmm
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    I can open and read it fine.
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    It seems to depend on where you are reading from. Trying to view it from any given forum resulted in a permission error. Opening it from the forum where it was actually posted allowed me to view it correctly.
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    I just logged out, even as a guest, I can read it.
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    Try clearing your cache and cookies and logging in again. You should be able to read it.
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    thanks, I'll give it a try and report back
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    cache and cookies cleared, still can't view. Not that big of a deal just thought I'd report...
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    Try looking at it while you are logged out of PC. Also, try this link and see if you can see it:
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    I don't really know why you would not have access. Can I change your password and have a look see for myself? I will email your account on the new password.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Try looking at it while you are logged out of PC. Also, try this link and see if you can see it:
    The link worked, thank you.
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    Is that link a different address than the announcement's link?
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    It's the link that the announcement took me to.
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    checked and each forum has a unique link address... but they all worked for me.
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    tried using my pre- but still no go. Will try on my laptop next
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    also announcements don't even show up in the Mobile version
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    Please try this link:
    PreCentral Forums - Announcements in Forum : and

    And here is the contents of the announcement for your convenience:

    Dear P|C members, we heard you!

    Pre|Central is the #1 community for webOS enthusiasts to learn, share, and discuss all things webOS. Our members want it to stay that way, and we want to help. Your input has been the catalyst for our efforts to keep this site all about H/Palm and webOS.

    A recent poll of P|C members showed that members come here mostly to learn about webOS, to get help, and help other members. That's one of the great things about this community; we really enjoy helping each other. The positive and friendly people here are the most valuable asset we have.

    Now we know that some members have been frustrated by Palm's recent lack of execution. Combined with a lack of shipping products, this seems to have been the catalyst for an increase in arguing and negative posts. Let’s face it, unless you are on the debate team you really don't enjoy watching others argue. Neither do we. We'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this isn't a debate site. P|C members have been clear that they don't come here for arguments, or to be told that Apple/Android will soon rule the world!

    This forum is about webOS. Arguing and trolling is decidedly uncool, and members are tired of it. Here are some thoughts about how to keep things friendly and helpful (please see the Forum Guidelines for complete rules of the road):
    This isn't a debate site. It's a user-to-user support community about webOS.
    Be polite. Everyone should feel comfortable reading submissions and participating in discussions. If your post is an attack on an individual, it's going to be a problem. If your posts appear to insult or disparage people that want to talk about webOS, don't bother posting them.
    Members don't want to read arguments between other members. You can tell someone that you don't agree without attacking them. You can have an opinion without abandoning civil discourse, and then move on.
    If your post primarily communicates that the reader shouldn't have bought webOS, shouldn't keep using webOS, or should realize the superiority of Apple or Android, refrain from posting - or visit our sister sites. Those sites exist for the benefit of people using other platforms.
    Do not post discussions of Pre|Central policies or procedures, or speculation on moderator decisions. Our volunteer mods should not be ignored when they chime in on a thread and try to refocus a discussion. We don't want to spend our evenings cleaning up arguments any more than you want to read them. Your cooperation is really appreciated.

    We welcome constructive posts regarding non-webOS products as long as they are posted in the appropriate forum. Many members are interested in learning about other products, reading comparisons and reviews, or just keeping an eye on what else is out there.

    What we don't welcome are trolling or trouble makers. We will immediately remove any thread or post that we decide has been made for the purpose of angering others and starting a flame war. We may also question the motives of someone who has joined the forums only to post about competitive platforms. Don't feed the trolls, but please report them here.

    In keeping with our focus on webOS, we've made some changes such as future-devices has now been renamed "HP Palm News" and combining the "Cross-Platform" and "Other Handhelds" forums". Please note that it is not a place to argue. We all enjoy healthy comparisons of a variety of platforms and devices, but P|C is focused on all things WebOS. Device/Platform debates too often escalate to insults and attacks, which detracts from why WebOS users joined P|C; to share and learn how to better enjoy WebOS. Your post should be helpful for the person that will be reading it. If your post isn't making a positive contribution to this community, don't post it.

    Our primary goals are to maintain a friendly environment, attract new members, and keep P|C the #1 site that WebOS enthusiasts turn to for news, discussions, and help - regardless of skill level. There is always a good mix of newbies, experts, and everything in between. We want this to always be a fun place for all of us to spend our time, and we want you to know that you have been heard.

    There are great things coming to webOS and P|C would like to make your contribution to this community as rewarding for you as it is for those you help.

    Your Forums Moderators and Admin staff.
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    Actual I never could open that "announcement" link.
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    FYI, I can't open it either - same "no permissions" message.

    Logged out, cleared cache, restarted browser; no difference.
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