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    So what's the deal with the new smileys anyways? I don't know why....but I'm just not feelin' the green suited that one far better. Rolleyes....not animated and doesn't roll the eyes.....that was the funniest part about that guy! Soap?.....what's up with that? Do people actually use that? Aside from this comment, I don't think I've EVER used the word soap in any comment I've made....Bring back the blue and animations, I say! I can't be the only that this doesn't sit right with.
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    You should use now.
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    bring out the pitch forks!!!!

    i love this guy... i always use him... just need the right context...

    but +1 on everything else!!

    Edit: btw they only changed those 2 smilies.. soap and everything else have always been there.. i like the blue big grin and the animated roll eyes though.. bring em back!!

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