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    Hey everybody!!

    Not to brag, but I get to go to CTIA this year for the first time!! Woot!!

    Is anyone else out there in AC land going? I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I've been following Smartphone Experts (various devices) for about 8 years now. These guys, and especially all the absolutely incredible forum members out there (you all know who you are), have helped me out too many times to count. So... I thought maybe it would be fun to invite the Mods out for a well deserved "thank you for all your hard work" cocktail while we're all in Orlando.

    So Guys... are you listening?? Phil, Dieter, Keith, Jerry, Cory, Micky, and anyone else I've missed... wanna join us while we raise our glasses in salute to all you do for all us junkies out there??
    Tina T

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    Doesn't look like HP is exhibiting anything at CTIA 2011. They're not on the exhibitors' list.
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    Phil, Kevin, and Dieter (me!) are on the ground.
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    I was on the train one day listening to an Engadget Mobile podcast in the run up to CTIA '09 (or something) ... and I got the idea in my head that I should schedule a trip! I'd been reading the reports from CES, CTIA, MWC, etc., for years -- why not go there myself?

    Then I looked at the prices.

    Wish I could be there, but it's another year of following the event through Engadget and via YouTube!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Doesn't look like HP is exhibiting anything at CTIA 2011. They're not on the exhibitors' list.

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