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  • He drunk alright. There is no such podcast.

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    Am I just hallucinating or did I see in Dr. podder that there was a Palmcast #134 from Feb.9th after the announced wait??

    It had a question mark next to it in dr. podder and when you clicked on it (so to speak) it had a run down and a bunch of links to the various announcements of the day. Now I cant find it in dr. podder, after deleting the feed and then re-adding it. Its not on precentral's podcast area either.

    So what's the verdict? Hallucination? Should I start drinking again?
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    Dude, I was thinking the same thing until I actually visited the episode 134 website and found recorded audio and video available there!
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    what's a episode 134 web site??? you gotta link?
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    Several pod feeds/viewers I have show an episode 134 but when I click nothing there but links to Precentral articles from before the event.

    I can listen to it straight from precentral, but it was before the event not after.

    Sent from my Evo - so there!
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    There definitely was one. I watched it live. They had an audience. Some weirdness occurred. Might never see the light of day. You're not missin' too much. They just went over all the rumors that had been posted leading up to the event and tried to get the audience to vote on what they thought was gonna happen/what they wanted to happen/etc. It was really short (everybody was "thirsty").
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    It looks like they fixed the links today for episode 134 and 135.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedskate View Post
    It looks like they fixed the links today for episode 134 and 135.
    sure enough. It's working in dr. podder again...

    thanks to all

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