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    Hi everyone.

    I'm Mick and I discovered this place while looking for a future.

    Basically, I own an N900 and am now thinking of jumping ship and was given a few tips on WebOS by the Maemo Community. I'm not thinking of dumping the N900 anytime soon, but I'm looking at jumping on the WebOS bandwagon when I'm due an upgrade, which won't be for at least a year yet.

    I know absolutely nothing about WebOS, except that former MeeGo leader Ari Jaaksi is in charge of proceedings.

    I'm not happy with proceedings at Nokia at all in the last few days, and the future looks grim (from an end user point of view).

    I liked the openness that Maemo brought. No more restrictive network branding, the chance to view the web as it's meant to be viewed (in fact, I signed up for the PreCentral forums on my N900) not over the antiquated WAP that the networks still insist on using today.
    MeeGo could have been something if it hadn't been for Nokia's flippant handling of it's infrastructure. And to sell your soul to an O/S that's only got 4% market share???
    What are they thinking?
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    Welcome to the best community to can find.
    There is some bad mood here atm because the long awaited and promised update for the first devices will/may not come out.
    We'll see what happens in one year.
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    Given your postition, yeah, I think you came to the right place. WebOS is amazing, right now is just a tumultuous time. 6 mo to a year from now, it'll be the place to be. Like Somline said, there's definitely a bad mood around here right now. It's already settled down in the last 48 hours, and will continue to do so, I think. The coming hardware looks great (and it's just the beginning), and the OS has always been great! Very open too! It's modifiable and that's (kinda, sorta) encouraged by HP. Fun stuff!
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    welcome to webos. The OS is top class but..

    as pointed out above, many webos faithfuls have been majorly disapointed by recent HP announcements.

    Current webos devices are more or less abandoned by HP and new devices are not available yet..summer maybe.

    Maybe its worth fence sitting for a bit to see how things pan out in HP and Nokia

    Sad how Nokia abandoned Symbian/meego and customers.
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    Thanks for the welcome guys.

    I had heard that HP were on a bit of a go slow at the moment. I think the problem is that the hardware is moving at a phenomenal rate, and no sooner has someone announced a new device something new pops up with a sign saying "Told you you should have waited".

    I mean they're already churning out multicore mobile CPUS and there's so much already out there that could have benefited from such an innovation, so manufacturers are dumping those and starting new projects around the new tech. And these days the manpower just won't stretch far enough to cover the new while they keep the old happy. I can imagine what the N900 could have been with it's multitasking on a multicore.

    @ FunkiBluDawg: I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this, but I pretty much think the post I made over a TMO pretty much sums it all up:

    Quote Originally Posted by stickymick
    Looking bright, ain't it?

    Nokia/Elop: "Mayday...Mayday....Mayday!!! We're all standing on a burning platform. Is there anyone out there?"

    Cue the sound of the M$ outboard motor coming from the distance *Developers..Developers...Developers...Developers......

    M$/Ballmer: "Aaaaaallllll aboooaaaaard!!!!!!"

    Nokia/Elop: "My old mate Steve! I knew someone would save us, but who better than you"

    Motorboat pulls away from the burning platform:

    In the far distance we hear a blood curdling scream:

    "<<mod delete>> HELL!!!!! THIS BOAT IS SINKING!!!!!!"
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