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    soooo what's the deal with this..? yesterday there was briefly a post up about some leaked pixi 2 photos showing a front-facing camera. It showed up on my p|c app, but when clicked produced an error.

    I wouldn't have posted about this, but I mentioned it in the comments and someone responded with details only to have his post deleted.. explanation please?
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    Sprint | Palm® Pixi™
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    looking more closely maybe it just to prox and light sensors, though mine is on the right on my pre...hmmm...
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    yep. That's what it is.

    merging with previous thread shortly.
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    It seems to me like its a mess-up on Sprint's part. If you click on the 360 degree view, that front-facing camera is gone. Plus, if the new Pixi looks identical to the original, just with a front facing camera, it will be a worse bomb than the original.
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    ha ha ha . . . This article is now all over the web. Apparently Dieter scooped everyone, removed the article and now it has a lif of it's own. I love it!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stung View Post
    Glad they took it down, but it shouldn't have gone up in the first place. I remember the article was insinuating that it may be a Pixi 2 or something. It would have been nice for them to do some fact-checking before resorting to the usual rumor mongering.

    Articles that were mentioned:
    Source: Twitter / Isaac Torres: @precentral why does the p ...
    Page that was linked: Sprint | Palm® Pixi™


    This is an image that has been around: Sprint touts Palm Pixi's nonexistent WiFi | xphonecell Note the date.

    Sprint Says Palm Print Has WiFi but it Doesn’t « Specs, Reviews, News and Price Info - Note the date on that one!

    Same image without front-facing stuff:
    as far as the front-facing camera equipped pixi on sprint's site: those are just the sensometer thingys. I have those on my pixi. everyone does. you just have to go under good lighting to see them. they've just made them the picture. kind of like how they do with the white rim around the phone; no pixi that I know of has a white rim
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    Who thought that was a pixi 2? Those 2 circles on the phone are the sensors right?
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