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    Is it possible to get the latest 2.0 plugin installed... It enables more features

    As promised today we release our vBvBvB $plugin$ $update$ $as$ $version$ $2$.$0$. $Most$ $of$ $the$ $new$ $features$ $need$ $the$ $app$ $side$ $to$ $follow$-$up$, $plus$ $few$ $bug$ $fixes$. New features include Full Moderation, Admob, and improve support with Windows Phone 7 and WebOS app"

    - Full moderation support
    - Added Reply-All in Private Messaging
    - Special characters login issue fixes
    - Fixed post content not displayed if characters like "<" is included in the post.

    1. Basic BBcode support(pending update from iphone / android)
    2. Basic smilies support (pending update from iphone / android)
    3. Image multi-upload to forum server (pending update from iphone / android)
    4. Set avatar support(pending update from iphone / android)

    There are lots of new features in this release and we will implement them in iphone/android side soon, holpfully we will publish them in next one to two weeks.
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    = 42
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    = 42
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    Don't count the plugin features as available right now in Forums (but working on them).
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