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    waiting for the c40. hopefully it will be announced during the 2011 ces show.
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    I'm sticking with the pre, but I have an upgrade to use, and that epic looks tempting. I'm gona stick it out til ces announcements, but if nothin is coming sprint way from palm, I'm jumping to android.

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    wel if ur in the members list I guess ur a member. And there are like 80,000 members with screen names in the members list.
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    My sprint pre plus is holding up well. After a decade of palm and a couple hundred dollars invested in webos, I've entered a holding pattern until ces.
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    I'm here too. Stuck with the Palm Pre (Sprint) but I'm still here and active.
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    They won't let me leave..... help me.... they're coming to get.....

    Nevermind, I love it here. Pay no attention to my earlier comment...
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    +1 Still running WebOS as my daily-driver and have no plans to change.
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    I'm still here... Been around since I developed for PalmOS and hung around TreoCentral. Now I'm actively developing for WebOS and hanging around here. Although my next wave of apps will all be cross platform, I'm going to always put WebOS first (unlike a lot of other devs)

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    +1. Still here with a Sprint Pre, waiting to see what might be heading Sprint's way from HP Palm.
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    I switched to an eyefone. But there was no excess to the battery. So I'm back ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by castab75 View Post
    hello everybody! Just curious to see how many members of the forums are still active... I've been a member for a couple of months and I've seen people coming and going, that make me wonder if they still around and don't like to post, just read... I know this is silly but if you can help me find out just post 1 time a +1.. Thank you in advance..... Ps.i know this isn't the right forum, tried to post it in the offtopic, but couldn't, asked me a minimun of 100 posts and I only have 17 sorrry....
    I'm around, but not as much as I used to be. Signal to noise here has gotten really, really bad. That's sort of a good thing, I guess, as it means an influx of, shall we say, not-tech-savvy people now using the platform vs. just those of us who want a phone that we can do as we please with. The fear, of course, is that these newer users will push towards making the phone 'easier' (translation: more like other platforms), and we lose what the phone was meant to be.

    Most people who know what they are talking about are probably a lot like me, and just have no reason to come here, since if they can't figure out their problem, it's likely nobody else can either. That and being tired of questions that have already been answered many times over. In my case, I'm so disgusted by a lot of the mis-information and wrong way of doing things being spewed by folks (many who are in this very thread, imagine that!) who don't know what they are talking about that it's best I just keep my mouth, er, keyboard, shut.

    Now get off my lawn.
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