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    In just another week or so, THE thread will break an all-time PreCentral (and possibly its sister-sites) record for number of posts.

    Not only that; but to break this record in just four or five months is truly unbelievable.

    If there can be a front page story about how to hang up a phone call, , what reasoning can there be not to feature a story about this truly amazing phenomenon brewing in the forum's basement?

    Not one word?
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    It is very special.
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

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    Thus it beeth.
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    Looters !!!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Proud of your little monster, eh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by reidme View Post
    Proud of your little monster, eh?
    Little? It's going to break the all-time record!


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