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    OK so it seems i'm not wanted here, mods seem to be removing my posts if they don't toe-the-P|C-party-line, the pre-central community is getting more and more fanboyish and more like a religion then it used to be.
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    i guess this one will be the next to be removed than wouldnt it?
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    probably, If a developer can't get a word in, and try explain why pre-central shouldn't post leaked snapshots, (i'm not saying they must do what i say) but at least let me post my view.

    all these leaks will cause Palm to give us dev's less access and the end users will get apps with issues. it makes my life harder, and the users lives more frustrating.
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    Please take this offline. If you have a beef with a mod, please correspond with them in PM's.
    The Law of Logical Argument: Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.
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    Your post has been restored. We are open to discussion but please try to keep things as civil as possible - relentless attacks are not cool.

    Our stance has been explained as clearly as possible in the other thread. Please do not post new threads complaining about moderation - this is against our guidelines.

    Thread closed.

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