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    I'm trying to locate the forum code. Anyone know where you find it?
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    ... *blink blink* ....

    what are trying to do? What do you mean by forum code?
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    vBulletin code is not open source
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    I'm trying to get some smileys / emoticons. Read this: Free Smileys :: Animated Laughing Smiley Faces Page 1
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    The forum code is shown directly under each of the smileys on that page you linked. It is what you post in the forum to have that image show up. If you want to post one of those smileys, you need to copy that code in the box below the smiley and paste it into the post. If you do that you will get the following as an example:

    There are 3 boxes of code on that page you can use...

    Forum Code: just copy and paste it into the post you are creating on P|C
    HTML Code: for use with blogs
    URL: is the direct URL for that image (to use this press the 'Insert Image' button and paste this code into that box.

    Hope that helps!
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    Emoticons are the bane of my existence....but thanks to HelloNNNewman for putting these together.
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    I don't use forum code I just copy the image url and use it.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    I don't use forum code I just copy the image url and use it.
    Same here
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    On my pc it's easy, lately, I've been using my pre.(Full Site). The real question is... Is it possible using my pre?
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    @Rush... throw a few practice ones up here if you want.
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    Not sure sure if they fixed the ability to copy between cards. Try opening a separate card for the emote site. Highlight and copy the code in the first box (Forum Code) and go back to the other card and paste it into the post you are creating. See if it lets you do that.
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    It won't work using my pre on that site, did you do it from your phone or what?
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    nope.. i'm on my computer... I'll try it out and see
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    Just checked... not do-able from the device itself. The smiley site doesn't show the actual codes in the boxes when you go there on the Pre. I double checked and nothing there. If you want to use them, you'll have to use a computer.
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    Thanks... I hope we will have this capability in the near future.

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