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    I read multiple threads,sometimes as few as 10,other times 50+. I arrow back or gesture back and it shows threads I've read as bold, i.e.,unread. It's very annoying and cumbersome to keep on track. I only read on palm pre,no other inet access. I always start fresh from reboot to clear mem +clear all inet pref prior to reboot. Any one else with this "minor" yet annoying issue? Mods, please move to appropriate forum, my applogies. Thanks,garos
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    If you use the 'back gesture', it is simply taking you back to the previous page without reloading (refreshing) it. The only way to resolve this is to either click the direct link again for that forum, or to refresh it after using the back gesture.
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    Exactly, a computer does the same thing if you click the back button or back arrow. You're viewing the previous, cached version of the page. It has nothing to do with any particular site, this is how it has always worked.
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    And make sure you are logged in.

    Sometimes I failed to logon properly.


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