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    Maybe looking at how long someone has been a member for could be looked at for allowing someone to view links. I got my first Palm last year and signed up, however I just don't have questions which have not been answered, and I am not tech savvy enough to help the ones whom have questions.
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    So what's the need to post or view links than?

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    It has been a way for the site to curtail spammers.
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    I need to view a link to download WebOS Repair Utility. It is not as if I have not had problems with my Pre, it is just that my issues were already addressed on this site in the past. Therefore, I had no reason to post the same problem again.
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    Here is the link for the Repair Utility (copy/paste it into your browser):
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    I agree.

    I still can't see links.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LabRat View Post
    I agree.

    I still can't see links.
    You will not be able to see links until you have posted 10 relevant and meaningful posts. Posting in the Other Forums, including this one, does not count toward you total.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zerty55 View Post
    yes it was I was reading it and thinking the same exact thing.
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