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    Why the sudden gusto of moving and merging threads?

    I see a thread that I would like to read on an issue related to webOS 1.4.5, but it has been merged into a "monster thread" of "webOS 1.4.5 issues".

    Sure it may make the forums look cleaner, but it sure hinders anyone trying to search for an issue or trying to help someone with an issue.

    (and yes, I know this thread will get moved or merged too)
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    Hopefully this one also gets merged or moved lol
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    beware the merging mods will strike again ! Soon I'm sure !!
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    100 threads on the same topic (and in the wrong forum) can fragment information to the point that it makes it hard to find, less helpful and sometimes completely useless.

    We merge and move threads to combat this issue. When things are busy, such as after a webOS update, we do it with more gusto then usual.

    If this still bothers you please PM the mods to discuss further.
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    Sure, I certainly do understand that, but I guess what bugs me is when specific topics like the "Post 1.4.5 Wifi Issues" thread got merged into the "Official webOS 1.4.5 Issues" thread (along with "Is MobileHotSpot still working after 1.4.5.", "", "Palm Pre 1.4.5 Battery Improvement/Optimization", and "1.4.5 Update resets autocorrect file" threads).

    I can certainly understand if they are indeed duplicate threads, asking the same question or addressing the same issue, but those seem pretty unique to just lump into a large issues thread. And it makes people who are searching for something in particular open another new thread because the answer they are looking for is buried in a thread with a ton of unrelated content. (And also gets people into the "Did you search first?" answer mode.)

    Don't get me wrong, the mods job is (almost) a thankless one (THANK YOU!), and I understand the need, I was just trying to understand what the "rules of the road" were for merging the threads.
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    seriously? this is SO needed!!!! try searching for 1.4.5 issues when there is only maybe 5 known issues, but dozens of people for EACH issue create a new thread!! Now suddenly, there are 70+ threads...but then in a week when VZW & AT&T let the update loose, now the cycle begins again...with EACH release!!! Now there are 100's of annoying duplicates!

    I for one am GRATEFUL for the due diligence P|C mods put into trimming the useless, bulging fat from the forums! If people would just SEARCH first & realize that ONE thread can house MULTIPLE issues, it would keep this forum even better! It is easier to search through ONE thread for issues than to go thru hundreds
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    Merges always go fast and furious after and update... it's easier to search a single thread for a keyword like "wifi" than search through multiple threads. If you search for that keyword in the "issues" thread, you know exactly what you are going to get for a result.

    It's never going to please 100% of the members, but we try to keep the forums from getting backed up during times of excitement - like an OS update.
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    thanks to the wonderful mods.

    and please merge this thread. Doh!

    the fact is that this isn't the firrst time someone has brought this up. It would totally rock if there was another thread on this topic to merge this with. If I can't find one, maybe I should start one... LTM
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    <<Thread moved>> Lol jk
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    I say keep up the good work merging them. With hundreds of posts a day and only time to skim titles and read 5%, I really appreciate any measures that consolidate new threads into like-subject ones.
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    Thanks mods, without your due diligence these forums would be unreadable. You are appreciated.
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    Hey, can i mod merge my thread with this without getting mad if I make a new one about the same thing?
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    they work quickly too! They've moved a few of my posts literally seconds after I posted before.

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