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    One thing about this Treo|Central place: there's a growing sense of community. I mean... Nobull, zippy57, PCMusician and many others... They're all beginning to be actual *friends*, even though many of us have known one another less than a week!

    So in honor of all our new friends here (and since my Treo web connection is dead anyway, so what else do I have to do?), I've compelled this "top 10 list" of that which is bonding us closer together. :-)


    10) Shared misery over unknowingly volunteering to become beta testers for Sprint
    9) Shared sadness over having to pay good money to be beta testers
    8) Shared courage to experiment on these new devices with the hopes of overcoming the evil spell they've placed on our lives
    7) Common hope that one of us will discover some kind of special key to help all the rest of us
    6) Shared late nights listening to that funky hold music at *2
    5) Shared confusion as to why a major corporation would want to *name* their help files
    4) Wonderment as to why it's better to see a *picture* of our wife on a tiny color display when she calls us on our cell phones (as opposed to seeing her *name* in the display)
    3) All of us are together in wondering if we'll now have "Gameboy Thumb"
    2) Common "warm fuzzies" when we have been able to explain something to Sprint customer service rep that even her *trainer* didn't tell her

    And finally... the number one reason we're bonding here at Treo|Central...
    1) "Claire" -- I mean... who thought up that name, anyway?

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    Aren't we all on the Free and Claire plan ?
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    Possible class action lawsuit for not meeting 3G specs and no pushed email ?

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