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    Same problem for me earlier but I have a Pre plus with verizon
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    Quote Originally Posted by not-yet-pre View Post
    I have loaded pre|central (mobile site) from my web browser and viewed the first 3 articles then loaded the pre|central app and the unofficial pre|central app with no problem. I have a palm pre plus.
    I didn't think about trying the mobile site, so I just did that and it loaded without any problems. But I clicked on "fullsite" from the mobile site and had the same loading problem.
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    Sprint Pre- here. Same issue over both wifi and gps. It loads quickly to 90/95% with top bar and the green background, then it will "cycle" like a video is trying to load, before completely reloading and doing the same thing over and over. all other websites are fine.
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    same here! just finished doctoring it! lol shoulda checked the forum lol

    mobile site works, but click an article and same dealy
    Palm prē-ist.
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    alright, anyone else experiencing this???? im actually on my laptop cuz i cant get on with my pre, now i remember what a crappy battery is
    Palm prē-ist.
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    yes it's happening to me too. I was about to get upset . Glad I looked here first . Spint southeast
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    sprint northeast
    Palm prē-ist.
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    Main page only.. Same for me.
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    when I try to click on the graffti article it does the grey circle of death reload. Other articals work fine. And when I try to load the full site I get the evil reload circle again (sprint pre)
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    anyone figure this out yet? this is annoying Verizon Pre plus
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    same here...but it looks like it's tring to load video. no prob on my pc
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    Same problem. I can load fine, but not the desktop version.

    I think the problem is from the graffiti article because when I try to access it through the mobile page, I get the "video loading" circle and refresh.
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    Hi There

    Tryed to access the PreCentral webpage from my pre. I get the green background and half the pre image in the upper left corner and then my pre goes grey and a alrge spinning circel appers. Then the page loads like before, then the grey the ring and then it starts alla over again.

    anyone else who have the same issu?

    The forum works just fine I'm on my pre right now. Tried a difrent page and that loded just fine. Tryed a reset but problem remains.

    Simens S3 -> Simens S10 -> Palm V & Simens S35i -> SE T610 & Palm T2 -> SE S700 & Palm T3 ->SE W810i -> Palm Pre- running WebOS 2.1!! @500Mhz -> Palm Pre 2. The Pre 2 rocks. -> Pre 3, Nice & Touchpad=> Future Pre 4 wanted.
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    I've had this same issue since yesterday,so you are not alone.
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    I can't get my morning Precentral fix. Nooooooooooooo(in Darth Vadar's voice)!
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    Quote Originally Posted by beca View Post
    and then my pre goes grey and a alrge spinning circel appers.
    Same here last night.

    In general, the P|C website is extremely sluggish here (Holland) until noon.
    And that's on PC.
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    I can only get it to work using the mobile version.
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    Well, I cleared History, Cookies and Cach(e, but still have the same problem on my Palm Pre Plus (Verizon); I too can get in via the Mobile page but when I load up that Graffiti page I get that youtube endless load. The other pages load fine and I can load everything on my regular Netbook.
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    I also forgot to mention that I'm able to get on the full website via my wife's LG Ally (Verizon) and I was able to load up the Grafitti webpage as well. Looks like a problem between Palm Pre and the full website and Graffitti article?
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    has anyone else experienced this?

    i can easily view other websites:,,,, etc.

    this morning, when i try to view precentral (a bookmarked site i go to often) it starts to load, then pauses, then goes grey, then i see the spinning wheel center screen, and then it starts to load again, repeat.

    i closed the browser and opened it again. i restarted phone. i switched to wifi, then back to ev.

    it is just today, but it sure is annoying.
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