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    Hey guys,

    Just thinking about how to make email notifications better. I don't know if the vBulletin technology allows this, or if it is extendible in any way, but I'll say it anyway:

    I'd like to see a system whereby you are emailed:

    • Whenever somebody quotes you
    • Whenever somebody names you in their post
    • Whenever somebody links to your post

    There are so many cases when I unsubscribe from threads because they get too busy (or for whatever reason), and I go back later and find that people have been quoting and responding to me, and I had absolutely no idea.

    Are these "next-gen" notifications possible via plugins? Would anybody else be interested in seeing them?
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    I think the first two notifs you listed would be nice.
    How about when and what post somebody thanks us from also, and who it was from.
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    These are all great ideas!! Hopefully they can be implemented along with a thanks button for the mobile site =). Lol
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    while perusing the VBulletin site for some of these hacks, which are all great IMHO, i did happen upon this... BlackBerry / Android / iPhone / Nokia app for vBulletin - Tapatalk - Forum

    What is Tapatalk?

    Tapatalk is a vBulletin mod that allows your users to browse your forum using a native mobile application. Tapatalk supports iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia. It provides super-fast access to your forum and allows your members to participate more in your forum while on the go.

    Why Tapatalk?

    Only one MOD installation to support all mobile devices including iPhone / Android and BlackBerry
    Well-tested. This MOD has been installed in over 4000 forums, including some of the very large forums with 2 million members with over 10,000 online users. This app is designed to scale
    Tapatalk allows you to put your sponsored banner into the app so you don't lose potential revenue **NEW**
    Analytics support - you get too see how many users are accessing your forum from the Tapatalk app

    Download Tapatalk mobile app

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    ** Beta Released!! Free BlackBerry app! Download here.
    ** Andriod version is available at Android Market! - Dec 15th, 2009** 4 stars review - Top 3 Social Android app! Download now and see why we are the best forum app!

    Installation Instruction:

    Installation is easy. It does not change any of your forum settings or overwrite any
    of your existing forum code and configuration. Simply follow the procedure below:

    Step 1

    Create yourself an account at Tapatalk - Online Community at your fingertips!. Once you have logged in
    to the website, you can download the largest version. If you are not sure you are
    using the latest version. Download a new one from
    Tapatalk - Online Community at your fingertips!. You can follow the rest of the instruction
    from onward if you want. Otherwise read on:

    Step 2

    Upload the zip package at the root of your forum system.
    Unzip the package. You should see a directory called "mobiquo" inside your forum
    system root directory. For example, if your forum URL is,
    it should be placed at

    Step 3

    Login to Administration Control Panel (admincp) in your server.
    Choose "Style Manager" under "Styles and Templates".
    Choose "Edit Template" in your current template.
    Click "Edit" in your current template
    Choose "headinclude" in the list, click "Edit"
    At the bottom of the editor, insert the following line:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="mobiquo/tapatalkdetect.jsjsjs&$quot$;&$gt$;&$lt$;/$script$&$gt$;
    Click "Save".

    Step 4

    Visit Tapatalk - Online Community at your fingertips! to enter your forum URL and upload you forum
    logo there. It will allow end-user to find his way to your forum using the Tapatalk

    Step 5

    Visit Tapatalk - Online Community at your fingertips! to confirm the setup so you can select
    whether you want to publish your site to the public listing or you want to set it up
    so it is complete private to other end users.

    Step 6

    Download the free Tapatalk iPhone app from the app store
    (iTunes Store) to confirm it is indeed working.


    Tapatalk for Android

    Widget Support

    Total Android Look and Feel

    Same feature set as iPhone:

    Quickly Reply to a conversation:

    Latest and Unread Posts indicator and multi-tabs support:

    Full screen image support - support landscape mode also

    Tapatalk for iPhone:
    Showing New and Unread Posts:

    Full Thread Viewing and Pagination Support:

    Reply to Post and Image Upload:

    Some of the large forums activated Tapatalk support

    **Installation Instruction **
    - Full instruction can be found by logging to Tapatalk - Online Community at your fingertips! - it allows you to add your forum URL to the list so iPhone user can find your forum. The website also provides analytics information so you can track how many users access your forum via this app.
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