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    Ok so with the acquisition of HP and all the great things that will come in the the near future, I believe it is time Precentral started a new era. The Pre was the beginning and is not really what represents Palm. I think we should move towards the era of HPalmCentral!! (HPC for short) I figured since we all throw it around so much it makes sense.

    I also believe both the full and mobile sites need some visual upgrades. this is only a mock, but what do you guys think?
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    Please excuse my grammar,i may be using a virtual keyboard or I just am in a rush.

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    Hehe, I love the mockup - nice work!

    As for the actual name, it's kinda been established that Palm will keep their name & brand - so while yes, I am definitely in favour of a name change I think that we should move to something like Palm|Central rather than Pre|Central.

    But you're right, the era of Pre|Central is over and I think we need to get with the times
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    palm cenral works just not pre entral lol and thanks
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    I vote for a Palm central. But the mock up you drew works great
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    Should be up to Dieter et al to decide on any change.
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    With many future devices running webOS software why not just call it
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    palm|central does look nice.
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    uhhh... Is that legal?
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    Well, if you consider the sister sites "Nokia Experts" & "Android Central" then I'd imagine it's not a problem.
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    Sweet graphic design!

    But how about the name "HBomb"?

    "HBomb...any caller, any issue, any problem."

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    HP might(or might not) have a problem with the HPalm moniker. WebosCentral just don't seem to work for me. Palm|Central works, but again, I believe legallity and trademark isuues may(or may not) arise...
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    I'm confused, why would palm|central not be legal?
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    The new name is... Webos|
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    if they would get rid of this awful color green i would be very happy !!
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    I would like: webOScentral (just like that, with those colors for the site too.
    As Shane said, get rid of that damn green already!
    It's bad enough i don't use the themes and i have to see that horrible green everyday on the Pre's dialer too.
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    ya not sure y green anyway. Would be more appropriat on android central.
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    webOS has to be orange for Palm.

    also not net.
    or I would be very happy with. I never understood why they picked Precentral with .net
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    nice mock I'm really feelin it, but, I dunno about hpalm central & webos central just seems too long for me

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