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    I was going to ask about something else but instead am pleaing to the webmasters of this site to make it usable for most Pre users. I, like 90% of people I know, do not have 3g in their area and it has taken over 15 minutes to post this on 4 bars of 'normal' phone signal.

    I'm a web designer and it's easy to design a template that is usable on a mobile. Sure, RSS is great, but this is the slowest site I've come across and the best Pre site. I'm sure people will donate more if they could use the site from the device it covers.

    Either spend a day removing the unnecessary huge graphics and please consider making it at least not take 5 mins a page. Most don't live in London and even in my nearest 3g area (Exeter) the signal isn't good enough to allow non-WiFi browsing. Suc a shame as I can't
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    Have you tried navigating to ?
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    Yea, is a very simple layout. You should have no problems with browsing.
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    I have to agree. I only use when I'm on a PC - and it is usually very slow. I can't imagine it being usable on a phone, even WITH 3G.

    I always use the mobile site on my phone (which is usually getting 3G) and even that isn't very quick, but the full site is often slow and painful on my PC.

    Perhaps we should have a telethon to get PreCentral a load balancer for their servers?
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    No 3G and no Wi-Fi...sounds like a recipe for a miserable smartphone experience. The rare time I'm forced to go x1/2G/EDGE I can concur that the full site loads painfully slow. is your ticket.
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