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    I've been wondering about this for a while...Is an appropriate name for this site in the long term considering chances are there will be other devices running WebOS? Not that WebOSCentral is a better name, but is a possible name change in the future?
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    well, they didn't change TreoCentral when the Palm Centro replaced it...
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    You do have a good point there...
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    I thought the same thing too with HP releasing more devices running webOS and Palm releasing new platforms and was thinking they should change the name of this site to
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    I read here somewhere that they are trying to do something like that.
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    Ha...I was just thinking that this morning with the confirmation from HP that they will continue on in the smartphone business. You have androidcentral, tipb, crackberry...all non-device specific (besides tipb, but there's only one phone on that OS anyway). Was going to post a poll about this, but good thing I searched the forums first.

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