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    So in principle the same username and password works on both forums, but if you request a new password at one of the forums - it only works there? And vice versa?

    If so, maybe a notice of this would be in place so that one remembers to change password on the other site? By the way, what are the two different sites? I haven't been able to distinguish which ones we are talking about really.
    Password is the same and works on both since the forum database are shared. The only difference is the front page which has a tendency to get out of sync with the forums which is why I direct you to the link I posted earlier if you have login problems. Bug still being on list of to do by Dieter and co.

    The sites are and If you arrived here using the WebOs devices, no need to go to the treocentral site.
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    Ok. That explains - if it is so that the frontpage gets out of sync. I usually always started there and logged in, no matter if I was only browsing or was going to continue to the forum.
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