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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Thanks for the bump.
    I wish I could be button thankful, but I'm browsing the mobile site. - there isn't a 'Thanks' button.
    As I said before... they need to get one.
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    Thanks !! lol ltm ltm lol ha ha lol !!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    Quote Originally Posted by guggenheim View Post
    This is not meant to be sarcastic at all, but what exactly is the purpose of thanks/points buttons on various websites? Does "keeping score" really matter that much to people (or perhaps a better question is "should it matter?")? For instance, is someone replying to a post and saying "thanks" any worse than pushing the thanks button?

    I get that people are much more inclined to help others and be friendly if they receive some sort of recognition, but sometimes it feels like these systems merely promote some sort of artificial recognition or competition rather than helping someone simply for altruistic reasons. I guess it's not a huge issue, but it just peeves me when someone posts a helpful tip then proceeds to complain when they don't get enough thanks for it.

    The one legitimate use of the thanks button may be to give an easy guide to who the most reliable posters are, but it seems like it often strays from this ideal use. Anyways, sorry for the rant, and as I am rather new to PC, I will make sure to thank people who create useful patches or have truly meaningful advice.
    I agree. A scoring system similar to /.'s would be better. Personally, I use the thanks button for informative posts, or for posts that point out incorrect things in another post, or that fill in gaps from another post. Most of the people who beg for thanks in their signatures have already made it to my ignore list long ago, as a lot of what they 'contribute' is misinformed and useless to those who are seeking actual help. A negative thanks button for totally incorrect crap that people post would be nice (again, scoring would be better)
    : (){:|:&};:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Exactly. I'm not one to ask for 'Thanks'. I find it odd that some people have "If I helped you, press the 'Thank' button" in their signatures...
    But I sure do wish for a "slap" button for those posts that are wrong, misleading, or indicate they didn't read the thread before posting. There are other sites that have that. As long as it's all taken in fun, it's pretty useful to see the thanks/slaps ratio for a user.

    slaps wouldn't be allowed in the OT forum, of course.
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    Have someone been helpful, nice, or you just like their reply/response, and you want to show you're appreciation. Pressing the thanks button is one of the ways to show it.

    All negative response will be ignored. This is not a debate.

    Thank You.
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    This thread has made its point. Time to close it down.
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