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    So if I login to Pre
    I cannot login to the forums.

    If I login to the forums I cannot login to Pre


    I can if I go though the trouble to change my password for one or the other, but I can still only login to one or the other and never if I change my password.
    Meaning I can't log back in to forums after changing my password on


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    Is this not the area to post these?

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    Sorry about the delay. To address your issue, I have to manually reset your account so that the passwords will sync with each other. Can I do that for you?

    I will send you an email based on your email account on your account.
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    Yes that would be great.
    Will I be able to change it afterward or will it need to remain what you set it to manually?

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    Yes you can change it afterwards, on the email there will instructions.
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    OK thanks! I'll keep an eye out for the email.

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    I need to confirm something with your account. Can you PM me the email accounts you used for registration? You seem to have set up a different email account with the front page versus the forum.


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