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    precentral just gives it to us straight, no sugar coating any thing. In order to love the pre you need to know everything about it, good or bad. but i see your point with the pictures though, can be brutal some times on what they photo shop.
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    No. Precentral just post news. Good or bad. Palm is to blame for all the negativity. And they are the only ones that can get themselves out. Now if you excuse me, I need to go to bed. Lol
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    Yes, when you have news posts about bugs in WebOS and include complaints of unsupported items such as rebel're not being objective anymore.
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    don't hate the messenger. I for one enjoy the objectivity precentral shows. Its actually quite refreshing that they aren't just a bunch of ******* who love a product despite its inefficiencies and shove it down people's throats.

    thanks precentral! Keep up the good work.
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    P|C blogs what they feel is meaningful news about Palm. Good, bad or otherwise. Nothing wrong with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Menace187 View Post
    precentral just gives it to us straight, no sugar coating any thing.
    Exactly. I would much rather them post all the news instead of just the good. No, I don't like hearing about all this Palm negativity, but it's important to know everything that is going on.
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    It is refreshing to have someone post a thread that P|C news is too negative. The complaint is typically that P|C is too positive.

    How you know a committee made the right decision is when no one likes it. Same for news coverage.

    As an aside...People were getting called "******" (a youthful male who is a fan) so often on P|C that we put that word on the list of censored words. As soon as someone would put that word in a thread the thread would spin out of control. Just taking that word out made things better almost over night.

    - Craig
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    Absolutely. Issues become magnified and there's no way to quantify if the volume of complaints reflects the prevalence of them. It's not just Precentral, of course... all forums contribute to this.
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    I come here for information and support from fellow pre users.

    I don't need f an b oy cheerleaders. I need information. The good and the bad.

    I also believe that Palm watches this forum and the bad info goes directly to their developers, QA, etc.
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    Its not bad "HYPE" about Palm....its bad TRUTH!

    Look, the FACTS are that Palm had a lousy year, sales are slow, Stock price is slashed, etc.

    Reporting those FACTS does not equal 'contributing to bad hype'.

    Were they (P/C, et al) reporting bad RUMORS, I'd be on your side. But, reporting facts is entirely different.
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    Please. Palm has been doing a fine job of driving itself into the ground without the help PC or anyone else. The Treo 600/650 was once the dominant smartphone, but through terrible decisions by management, they lost the market and RIM and Apple swooped in to take it over (At least in the US) PC and TC have been the biggest cheerleaders of Palm for years, but Palm has just simply lost its way. I root for them, but sadly, I don't like their chances.

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