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    The subject says it all. I'd very much like to see what's going on all around.

    BTW, damn fine job with treocentral. Looks quite nice. The combo page should have the treocentral color scheme.
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    I am getting both VisorCentral and TreoCentral new posts when I do a new posts search. The catch is that you have to do the search from the TreoCentral site as oppose to the VisorCentral site.
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    Yeah there a still some quirks in the search system, I am going to work them out today. I will also make a new posts search for both boards.
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    Think I got most of the bugs with the search resolved.

    Here is the magical link for new posts from both forums:

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    ...and life was good once again.

    I've decided to become enigmatic.

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