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    Does anyone else have problems in the office Precentral - Official App Catalog App Gallery with preview images?

    When I click on an image, the first one comes up, but the second and third report incorrectly "clicked on 2 of 3, but image preview fails and references 3 of 3" as referenced in this image:

    Actually, the preview images reference correct, if the first image at the top is actually image 1 of 3 and clicking the images below the description is referencing the 2 image for preview? Either way, the interface is broken and doesn't show the 2nd or 3rd image most of the time.

    I've tried this on Mac OSX and Firefox 3.5.8 and Safari 4.0.4 and get the same result.

    Either way, thanks for the insight, help, keep up the great work. Sorli...
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    we're aware of the issue and working on it!

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