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    I've been browsing through the forums recently and I was struck by the idea that it might be time for some consolidation.

    By my count PreCentral now has twenty-five primary forums, under 7 super-headers, excluding sub-forums.

    Although I like the specificity many of the forums offer, some of them seem to overlap, be under-used or don't serve a clear purpose they way they're organized now.

    So, if anyone has time to read a mindless, and babbling thread about user experience and optimization avert yonder eyes and move on to the next topic!

    Starting at the category level: at the moment we have a lot of (what I would call) super-headings which take up space between the forums and can sometimes be redundant. For instance, the "Palm Preand "Palm Pixi" super-headings could be combined into a WebOS Devices heading (or WebOS Phones if a WebOS Pad ever becomes imminent). I also think that the "General Palm Chat" super-heading could be abolished along with the "Other Devices" and "Other Forums" in favor of a more general "Other" heading (more on that later).

    Moving to the main forums: The "Palm Pre" "GSM Pre" and "Palm Pre Tips, Information and Resources" forums could easily be combined due to their current traffic levels. Furthermore, the "GSM Pre" forum doesn't seem to actually feature very many GSM specific topics, and those that do exist seem to be fit more for the software forums or the carrier forums. As for the "Tips" forum, it also seems to hash over material from the general "Pre" Forum although due to the usefulness of those stickies, as well as a long Pre/Treo/Vizor central history of absolutely awesome user-workarounds/fixes, I think a sub-forum for a "FAQ & Useful Fixes/Workarounds Only" (maybe administrator posts only) would be a fantastic use of space.

    Heading further down the page the "Palm Pre Bluetooth" and "Palm Pre Accessories" forums can definitely be merged, and maybe should be re-titled as Pre & Pixi Accessories to be more inclusive. Again, a "Reviews Only" sub-forum might be a good inclusion here as well, especially with re-posts from the main PreCentral blog. There's not too much need for justification here- just simplicity.

    As for the more artistic forums, this is a pretty nuanced area. I think the "Wallpaper Forum" would be best replaced by a gallery (which I know is being worked on) and the "Themes Forum" could probably be kept as exclusively a Gallery as well; however, if a discussion area for such topics were warranted, it would, IMHO, seem to better fall under the "WebOS Software and Chat" super-header since it does involve the installation of PreWare which is slightly technical/softwareishy.

    Looking at that same "WebOS Software and Chat" super-heading, I would dare suggest that the "webOS Synergy and Synchronization" forum could be merged in with the "General WebOS Chat" (and could also simply be re-titled "Tech-Support." Given the low traffic, "App Reviews" forum might be better off as a sub-forum of "Apps and Software" and as a general talking point the "webOS" in front of everything could be slashed (unless there's some sort of super-forum hiding somewhere that includes the old Treo Central and Vizor Central forums that I don't know about )

    OK, almost finished :-) I'd also suggest throwing the "Future Palm Devices" forum back up under the new "webOS Phones/Devices" super-heading, because everyone loves rampant rumor and speculation and although it used to be a very lively forum on Treo Central it seems fairly dead on PreCentral, which is sad.

    Finally I'd smash together all the "Other" super-headers leaving only one: "Other Topics," which would hold "General Palm Chat" forum followed by "Off-Topic" and then the rest.


    So was that just crazy talk or does my reasoning seem sound to users / mods / Dieter?
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    either one of them. i think the number is just right.
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    If people posted in the correct forums (like you did) there wouldn't be any problems.
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    I wish more people searched the forums before posting. I find it hard to believe that this didn't come up in the 4 suggested forums, this discussion has been going on for donkeys years...
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