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    I have tried to change my password a couple of times. I log in with my username and provided password, I go to the UserCP page and click on change/edit my password and then it asks me for my username and password again. I put the same username and password that I used to log in in the first place and it tells me that I have put in the wrong password in. Any help would be appreciated. I can log in still but the password is not easy to remember off the top of my head.
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    hit us up on the contact form with your information and we can get you fixed up
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    The password I used to log in to this forum isn't recognized when I try to log in to the blog.

    I can log in here, then go directly to the blog post (sorry, the software won't let me post the link -- it's the one about the BMW-mounted Touchstone) and I see a "Login" prompt -- and when I log in from there , the password is not recognized.

    Miscommunication between two servers?

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