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    Im having a sick problem with searching precentral.

    I have never been able to search the forums, when I search i get a page not found. This is very frustrating because I have a horrible problem with my phone and I JUST WANT TO SEARCH THE FORUMS!!! AHHHH

    Is anyone else having this problem?
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    There is someone who is having the same 2 problems as me, with my pre and with the forums.
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    Ice - which terms are you trying? You likely need to use more specific terms, as if you use something very generic you'll have too many results and the search will time out.

    Alternately, try using google: SEARCH TERMS
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    "Phone Offline"

    Seems perfectly reasonable.

    I was at my college today and gave it a try and it didnt work there either.

    Tried Firefox and I.E. for kicks.

    Very frustrating.

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