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    I have not been coming here for to long but the short time I have been here I have realized that the For Sale section on this forum is HORRIBLE! Every time someone post something for sale or trade or whatever there are 10 post of people giving them a hard time about what they are selling, or for the price they are selling it. This really gets out of hand on this site and I have never seen anything like it on any other cell phone forum. So I please ask, Moderators, please patrol this section a little more often and delete any threads that do not pertain to the SALE OR TRADE of the item listed!
    Thank You!
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    Thanks for the Heads up.

    I don't end up in Market Place often.

    Staff will consider your suggestion.

    In the meantime, it could help when you see this kind of abuse, to report the violating post(s) by clicking on the little triangle with the exclamation mark.
    It's located below the members thanks count.

    Just call me Berd.
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    Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this.

    I had forgotten about the report button, I will try and not over use it though. I do hope this is something the staff will take into consideration and make it a goal to patrol through there a little more often.


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