I have some questions regarding the administration of Homebrew apps at precentral:

1. Is it possible to rename an already submitted homebrew app? It's possible to change the name when editing the app details but I'm not sure what happens when I change it and click "save". Will it rename everything so even the homepage link for the app will be under the new name? What happens to Preware? Will it no longer display the app under its old name and will display the app under its new name instead?

2. Is it possible to delete a homebrew app from precentral?

3. I don't understand "Last Updated" time which is displayed at precentral for apps. My app "Presteroids" is displayed as last updated at 29. December. But according to the workflow the app was updated at 3. January and at 5. January. I thought maybe this date always shows the "publishing" date instead of update dates. But the "publishing" of Presteroids was at 28. December so this is also wrong. Can someone please explain how this works? Maybe I'm doing something wrong when publishing a new version?