It's not so much that I have a specific request, although I have a few, but that I would like to start a discussion on improving and clarifying some guidelines and general organization. I understand the balance between moderator intervention and maintaining the free flowing discussions, but separating the wheat from the chaff with something like 500 threads added or updated per day, it's very difficult to find the good information. This is without question the best place on the Internets to learn about webOS, Pre and the Pixi, and I think it can be improved.

When I read about some one's problem, of course I'd like to know more in case I'm affected too, but more often than not, it turns out they have a homebrew or a patch installed interfering with the latest WebOS. This should not be posted in the Palm Pre forum. I suggest that forum be just about the hardware, not the software. There are already forums in place for the software, but they're not being used properly.

I have a pristine Pre. No patches, no homebrews. While I recognize the importance of those mods, especially when they become released apps, and even more, the role PreCentral has played championing their development, it's near impossible to find relevant information for me. Even in threads clearly labeled, they stray from their intention.

Take for example the latest update, 1.3.5. Shouldn't everyone with problems due to their patches be posting in the Patch forum? I would think the WebOS forum be exclusively about Palm's work and suggestions for them, and Patches and Homebrews have a separate forum like User Modifications. I am not implying these are any less important than any other posts, just that they be clearly categorized for what they are.

So I don't know the best way to improve this, but it needs improvement. Maybe updated forum descriptions? More aggressive thread moves? A stern message? Posting a new thread already brings up a very nice related thread list. Maybe guidelines to post in the correct forum could be presented then also.