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    At home, takes forever to load just one page. So it's very hard to get on the forums from there. At work (where I am now), there's no problems.

    This only started happening in the last month or so. Nothing has changed as far as my internet goes.

    Any ideas?

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    Most likely it is an issue with load on the server when you are where you are. Much less load on it when you are at work.
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    yea same thing happens to me
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    More people probably hit the site after work hours.
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    Run a trace route from home to and you'll probably see the problem somewhere along the way.
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    Usually happens between 10-11PM Pacific
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    Precentral is one of the slowest sites to load that I regularly visit. The page usually loads from the page top to about the top 3/4 of the Pre picture, and hangs for at least 20 seconds before the rest of the page loads. From work or home.
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    I agree that Precentral has gotten a bit sluggish. When trying to access the site, it normally takes me at least 5 seconds to get in, and most times longer then that. This happens at all times of the day, also. Even the mobile version is slow. Currently, the mobile site isn't even working on my Pre. The loading circle just spins and spins...
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    yeah.. mobile site veeeeery slow today.. this is the first time i've experienced this. its usually pretty fast for me..
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    I hve timewarner now, suppose to be 15x faster than dsl..... Yeah its not. Going back to dsl. Yet, my pre loads precentral faster than my home. .... By the way, what is the mobile site? Lol I just use the full site
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