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    Maybe in an effort to not make our phones look like they have so many issues and tidy up the main forum areas a bit, move all the threads into a "FAIL" forum that are pure stupidity/ignorance/failure to RTFM, etc. For example, such "classics" like:

    - "My phone crashes/freezes/resets all the time." (because I rooted it and installed all kinds of hacks with no programming knowledge and also didn't fully read the notes)

    - "1.2.1 update ruined my phone" (because I didn't unistall my patches/tweaks like was mentioned at least 50 times on the forum and main site page)

    - "Google Maps never shows my correct location." -or- "The GPS Sucks!" (because my GPS Locating Service is turned off and I never bothered to read how to turn it on or what the Location Services do.)

    - "My Pre shuts off when I close the slider." (I didn't bother to use the search function or I would have seen that there are about 20 other threads regarding this and that the problem is well documented and easy to remedy.)

    Ad nauseum, ad infinitum....
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    My Battery got WORSE!!!!! after 1.x.x (because Ive been playing with it all day to see whats new and I'm too stupid to realize it) Its a portable computer for christs sake battery is going to Suck unless you want to carry a Brick Size Pre.

    Speaking of Bricks ( not possible to Brick a Pre unless you smash it w/ a brick)

    What No video recording, this phone sucks (because I didnt research before I bought this phone IIIITS PRETTTTTTY! )

    I'm on my 8th Pre!!!!! ( because i'm an anal sob and nobody really likes me but I dont believe it)

    My phone is a cookie (Oh wait I like Oreos oh wait i mean I like chips ahoy and my Pre's an Oreo no wait I mean, aww to hell with it Im Anal)
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    The forum could even be a home for these threads titles too: "HELP!!!11", "Please HELP ME!", "OH NO!", etc...
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    How about "switch to/back to iPhone"?
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    I got a good laugh from this and I agree this is needed. It is the same complaints day after day after day. My Pre is 100% stock, no rooting, hacking tweaking and even I know the answers to most of this crap from just reading.
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    Here's some more for ya:

    The pre sux because it doesn't already do everything every well established mature platform does. (My response: Like the pre would have ever seen the light of day if they added all of that stuff before they launched it.)

    The pre sux because I shouldn't have to use a 3rd party app or apply something as easy as installing an app to get X thing since palm should have it already for above stated reason. (My response: Like seriously what's the difference how you get the stuff you want to be able to do with it right? as long as you can do it. That's what makes webOS so great anyone and everyone can do just about anything with it by modding and making apps for it.)

    Toss in all the made up troll posts that try to make the pre look bad because they are lemmings of another brand that can't possibly ever be outdone etc etc etc. And I think the forum of the past will be cleaned up. But recently things have gotten better in that regard. Typically it is just the whining about why doesn't it do X thing yet from current owners that obviously don't like other platforms and the RTFM posts that kind of still get annoying and I still see more than I'd like.

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