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    must say this is one of the few forums where i feel if i post a question people wont be scumbags and there is always someone ready to help you out...ive had wm phones before and everyone on "those forums" thinks they know everything and if you cant do something then in there eyes your an *****....+1 for precentral the friendly crowd, friendly people
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    Thank you for your comment.

    I will be honest with you, we are not immune as we try as much as we can, so just as a heads up, don't get discourage.

    If you ran into an issue, hit the reporting triangle so the moderators can take the necessary action.
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    I agree. For the most part, even if you post a question that has been asked and answered 400 times, you will still get your question answered without much fuss.

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    Thanks for the +1.

    We try to keep things friendly here.

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